How it Works

  • Suggest Acts

    Feel the power of influence as you suggest the artists you're longing to see on tour.

  • Promote and Vote

    Together, we amplify your suggestions across social media platforms, rallying support from fellow music enthusiasts.

  • Vote Monitoring

    Watch as PickMyGig diligently tracks the momentum of each suggestion, gauging demand and excitement from users like you.

  • Vote Goal Reached

    When the voices of the community speak loud and clear, PickMyGig swings into action, reaching out to the chosen artists to make the tour a reality.

  • Earlybird Tickets on Sale

    Secure your spot early with crowd-funded ticket pledges, adhering to transparent rules. In the event of a tour cancellation, rest assured, refunds are automatic.

  • Tour is On!

    Experience the thrill as early bird pledges convert into actual tickets, signalling the green light for the tour to commence.

  • Remaining Tour Tickets on Sale

    Missed out on early bird tickets? Don't worry, additional tickets become available to PickMyGig users and the general public.

  • Tour Happens

    It's showtime! Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere as your favourite artist takes the stage, delivering a performance to remember.

  • Get Ready for your next Act

    The excitement doesn't end here. Keep the momentum going by voting and sharing to bring the next sensational act to your city!

  • You suggest an act to tour

  • You, PickMyGig and others promote out through social media

  • PickMyGig monitors the votes for the act

  • Votes total target reached and your act tours!

New to Crowdfunding? Welcome aboard!

Embark on an exhilarating journey with PickMyGig's groundbreaking crowdfunding initiatives and artist tour campaigns. Here, you'll find the perfect platform to champion and fund the next sensational tour of your favorite artists in New Zealand. Whether they hail from the vibrant music scenes of America, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa, China, South America, Canada, or anywhere else in the world, PickMyGig is your gateway to turning dreams into reality.

By lending your support to tour campaigns— affectionately known as "backing" in our community — you're not just a contributor; you're an integral part of a dynamic collective. Join forces with fellow music aficionados and industry insiders to propel extraordinary concert tours into existence. Together, we're rewriting the rules of live entertainment, one campaign at a time. Welcome to the future of music funding with PickMyGig!